Monday, June 22, 2015

Shimmerz Doodles with Inklingz and Creameez.

Hi there!

I am sharing some Doodle Art fun with you today!  I love just mindlessly drawing......It's the perfect way to keep your hands busy while watching TV or sitting outside enjoying the sun!!!!

I used some nice drawing Paper by Canson and a plain old run of the mill mechanical pencil and black fine point sharpie.

I had a little play with an app on my iphone here for this fun and quick little bit of footage, as I doodled away while watching TV.  Lots of fun!

As you see in the video there is a shot of my Shimmerz Palette.

 I decided to put some of my Inklingz and Creameez into my empty palette so that I had a selection of colours easily taken with me where ever I feel like painting!

I just filled my little hard pan colours with water and let them sit for a good while, so the water had a chance to soften the paints.  Then I mixed well with my paintbrush and emptied the now liquid colour into the palette, then left that open to dry out.  It works really well, and is super convenient!

Want something for nothing?
I thought you might like a FREE download should you want to print out your own Doodle and colour it with your Shimmerz Inklingz or Creameez Collections.  They are lovely to work with, rich and vibrant with just the right amount of Shimmer!  Note this sheet is not the exact same sheet I drew here, I was a bit too eager and started colouring before I made a copy of it!

Click the link and just print (select your printer from the dropdown box) or save to your computer.
You can feed through some specialty paper through your printer for the best results, watercolour or heavier mixed media paper would work well.  Enjoy!!!

Download your free A4 PDF colouring sheet HERE.

Now with that said....I am off to doodle some more!
Have a great day, and remember to share your Shimmerz coloured doodles on the Shimmerz FB Page!

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