Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shimmerz Inklingz and a watercolour Portrait *Video

Hi there, Lydell with you again with a video showing some Inklingz and Creameez in action.
These are so much fun to use.  Both products are solid water-colour Paints that need to be spritzed with water to activate them.  Then they produce tons of gorgeous vibrant colour!

The video I am sharing today shows how I finished off a painting for an upcoming auction with Shimmerz Paints.  I painted the face with acrylic Ink beforehand, and I will have a video of that part on my blog soon, if you want to see that part occur as well.

Its just a sped up video of how I worked the paints to blend and add depth to this watercolour portrait.

Hope you enjoy seeing the process.

Have an awesome day!

1 comment:

valerie breingan said...

You need to frame this.Its luscious,vibrant,just a stunning work of art...Well Done ��