Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Hi, hope your weekend is going well :)  I am stopping by today with a new Shimmerz creation. Something beachy today..........
Shimmerz products used:
Vibez in Jeni B Bleu
Spritz in Sapphire and Mango Madness
Coloringz in Madarin Mai Tai
Shimmerz in Ultra Marine
"Chasing Seagulls"

I have used lots of Prima products and shells which the Shimmerz compliment so well.  These blue's are my favourite's to create with, if you didn't notice!!  I love the vibrancy to them, but also very calming.

I applied a mask with some modelling paste to give loads of texture and then blended the blues together.

I love how the colours blend into the shells, which I applied Gesso to first.

I also added a plastic pocket with little shells, cheesecloth and sequins.  I then applied some Madarin Mai Tai down the side.

Have a great week :)


sun_ray / Svetlana Rekunchak said...

Очень красиво!

devil jiang said...

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Janene said...

Oh Stacey Young - You rock my world!!!! Love it as always!

Mr Naveen said...

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