Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Love the new products!!!!

Well I have to admit I am totally in love with the new Texturez and Dazzlerz!!!  They truly are brilliant and mix so well with the original Shimmerz products.  Here I have created a little canvas piece using the following products:
Texturez in Tidy Whidy, Patina, Gritty Graphite and Sandy Stone
Dazzlerz in Gummy Berry Blue (yummo)
Spritz in Treasured Hyme
Shimmerz in Antique Lace

I used Tidy Whidy for the title, look at that texture, it's like writing in the sand :)

I used a mask to create the rock effect around each side of the photo and canvas.
I dabbed each shell with some Gesso first to whitewash and then I used the Texturez to give it colour, texture and a gritty look.

That's all from me today, I hope you enjoyed my canvas, I will never tire of making these beachy ones :)

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Stac said...

What can I say other than. . . .Stunning!