Friday, April 19, 2013

Beautiful Crushed Coral...

Hi friends! I am so glad to be sharing a project with you today. I have taken a small leave of absence temporarily as I have had a little boy with some special needs that needed attending to, but I am hoping to be popping in here a bit more frequently soon!

In the meantime, I have had such a pleasure using the new products, and I have to tell you - I LOVE them. Texturez and Dazzlerz may have really been a crafting game changer for me... I have only had them a short time, but I cant imagine creating without using them now.

What a beautiful, impact these products have on projects. For this layout below, I simply dabbed my finger into some Texturez in Crushed Coral and smudged it around my clusters. Before this product existed, this step would have taken much longer because I would have used Molding Paste, or Bead Gel, building up the texture in those places, then letting it dry, then painting it with my Shimmerz. Instead, I was able to create this layout in no time at all!!

I also used Rolling in the Hay Vibez, flicking around my background paper, dropping splats and splotches here and there around the clusters.
Look where the Vibez rested on top of the Texturez, what beautiful dimension!! And because the Texturez was dry already, the colors did not get muddy, adding gorgeous color variation.
 (Thank you to Swirlydoos Kit Club, who put together this beautiful kit that I used to create the project!)

Have you all  gotten your hands on the Texturez or Dazzlerz yet? Make sure when you are checking out that you mention my name and you can get a free paint!!!
xx Heidi


Keren Tamir said...

So pretty Kelly!!! Love it

joyce said...

I admire your talent and ingenuity. It's always a pleasure viewing Heidi's work. Thank you for the inspiration.