Thursday, February 14, 2013

Some fabulous Shimmerz Product Play!

Just thought I would do a quick and easy photo tutorial today on how the basic outlines I used to complete  my page.
I had some serious product play with this one. Love when I just have the opportunity to play.  A friend has just released some gorgeous Papers (13@rts by Aida Domisiewicz)  and I sat down and played with them.  The papers really lend themselved to mixed media work and just art play,

so I started off with some of my homemade texture paste, and coloured it with a layer of Pearlz in Powder Puff Pearlz.   Then I sprinkled it heavily with Jack Frost ENAMELZ.  So gorgeous.  I heated it to melt, from underneath the paper so the glittery bits didnt fly off and away like they tend to do.....
It works really well and is a great tip for using ENAMELZ.  
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Check out that texture.   Yum!

Next I cut off a strip of beautiful lace and layered that on top in preparation to 'build' my page!

I made some rolled roses, by cutting a circle out of patterned paper and cutting in a spiral all the way into the centre.

OK....A  very quick rolled rose tutorial.......

Just cut out a circle from printed paper, doesnt have to be perfect.....then cut into a spiral.  Now this is about perfect for OTP projects and album covers, but for me....its still just a little thick for a page that will go into an album, so I cut my spiral in half again.  See the red line this time.

The width of the spiral will be the height of the rose.

So now start rolling into the centre from the beginning of the outside spiral working intowards the middle.  Here you add a dob of glue to hold it all together.  You can cut or punch another little circle, add the glue to that and then press your rolled rose onto it, so the glue can hold all the edges of the rolled paper into the rose shape.  It works great!  and they are really cute.  Play around with the size of your initital circle.

Once it was dry I brushed a little Peachy Keen Shimmerz onto the roses top edges, then dried them and added some Opal Shimmerz to tone down the brightness a little.

Next I painted some raw Chipboard with gesso first, then added Lilac Shimmerz, and then some Peechy Keen Shimmerz with a palette knife, putting it on quite chunky.  Then I brushed over some Opal Shimmerz again to tone down the colour (so It matched my papers.)

 I hand cut some little leaf shapes and inked their edges, folded them in half and popped them under each little rolled flower.

Then I glued it all together, adding the other little bits and pieces.
And so finished my page remembering when My dear little girl made me a cake for Mothers Day.  She was so very proud.  Her older brother is usually responsible for the cake making, but she did it with a little guidance this time, and she was so very proud of herself!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Remember if you want some free Shimmerz, just mention a name of a Shimmerz Designer with your next order and choose your favourite paint which will be included in your order.

Another way to get some free paint did I hear you ask?  why yes there is another way.
There is a challenge over at the Shimmerz FB Page.  All you have to do is Share the Shimmerz Promotional graphic wherever you can and leave a comment.  Share as many times as you can in the week and we will check through and find our winner!!!!  This will run for a week.  So share away!

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Stacey Young said...

I love this Lydell, the texture is amazing, along with the colours you used xo

Shona said...

such yummy colors yes...this is gorgeous Lydell :)

Stac said...

This LO is stunning Lydell! Absolutely stunning!