Friday, March 30, 2012

It's a Rainy, Spring Break, Garland Making, Day!

My kids have been on Spring Break this past week, and when the rainclouds roll in - my brain instantly begins to think of things we can do together in order to pass the time in a fun way together. While I was brewing my coffee, it struck me. See, my Dad, the amazingly generous man that he is bought me 1000 coffee filters last time he was here. Yes, 1000 coffee filters. And while I drink a lot of coffee, ummm... that's a lot of coffee filters.

(If you google coffee filter crafts, there are a ton of kid friendly ideas out there... and that is where I got the inspiration for making our own scrunched up, ruffly-looking, coffee filter garland for my kiddos bedroom. Not only would it be fun to make, but it would take us HOURS to do it, lol.  :))

Here are my girls hard at work spritzing their coffee filters with paints. 
For theirs, they used the following Shimmerz Paints:

Spritz: Plum Pudding, Carribean Sunset, Mango Madness, and Cotton Candy
Vibez: Red-y-or-Not, Sea Monkey
Coloringz: My Bleeding Heart, Pink Stiletto, Mandarin Mai Tai, Heidi Ho Blue
After painting the filters (18 of each color they chose), we stamped them in random places with various brands of ink. We then gathered them in bunches of seven, altering the colors, and strung them on a piece of hemp, knotting in between our bunches.
 We then scrunched them, here and there, and fluffed the pieces afterwards.
The girls wanted to hang the finished garland in one strand from their bedroom ceiling, so we knotted them close together, rather than making the garland a long, thin, piece. :)
How pretty would this look if you made several, and used them for all over room decor, or a wedding, or party decorations. FUN!
Of course, I couldn't be excluded from making my own!
I used the following colors to make mine:
Spritz: Mudpie, Olive Branch, Truffle
Vibez: Vertigre, Sea Monkey, Jeni B Bleu
Coloringz: Mama Sings the Blues, Heidi Ho Blue, Anchors Away

And this is how mine turned out...

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