Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Art Journal, Take 1!

Now that I am at the end of my pregnancy, I am SO GLAD that I decided to create an art journal, capturing some of the photos we have taken throughout this baby's growth in my belly. :) I created two pages this month, because I am so close to the end... and I am going to share one of them with you this week, and the other next week - hopefully, right before he gets here!

I love that I can layer my paints onto one another, and create so much texture within a project.
For this page I used Sea Monkey, Jeni B Bleu, Mon Shari mixed with some Pink Stiletto, Before Dawn, Mama Sings the Blues and a teeny bit of Anchors Away! 

In the photo below, I mixed Sea Monkey into some gesso and let drips fall where they wanted. After they dripped I helped them along by tilting my page back and forth and setting a piece of fabric directly onto some of the paint spots to soak it up. I then used my finger to dab on some Before Dawn into my title box.

At the bottom right you can see where I spritzed various colors in layers, and then added a bit more of my tinted gesso on top.

 I then lightly painted with a brush upon my pre-gessoed page in the white space for added color, and then used my paintbrush to flick the remainder of my tinted gesso as well as using my spritz bottle nozzles to flick some final color on there as well.

Shimmerz paints are PERFECT for art journaling. It doesn't take much to create a fabulously filled, texture covered, page when you have these paints to use!
xx Heidi

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Lydell said...

Love this one too Heidi!