Saturday, January 28, 2012

Metal note-book.

Every year I'm used to alter a note-book and then, as usual, I do not use it anymore: I realized that's a very shame. This year I've changed my strategy: I started using the note-book and only then I altered it. So now I'm sure that has become indispensable and I'll have to use it all year long.

I started covering the book-cover with adhesive canvas, then I glued some metal objects and finally I covered everything with the metal scotch.

With the help of Aqua Marine and Coffee Shimmerz I gave e touch of old to my new note-book!

Have a great day with creativity!


Gio said...

Good idea , Roberta and wonderful realization!

Lydell said...

So very cool Roberta!

Stac said...

AWESOME!!!! It's such a unique idea and look. Love it!