Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Sparkly, Jack Frost bitten, Egg Noggin Tree!

Hi friends, Heidi here! Today I want to share a couple of easy, breezy, beautiful Christmas projects for the gift-giving season. First I made a Christmas tree using some vintage fabric and trim...

All this took was a hot glue gun, and some strips of fabric and fringe... then I coated this beauty in the Limited Edition Egg Noggin, heavier on the bottom than at the top. I then coated the whole thing in the Limited Edition Jack Frost Enamelz, and heat set. Here is a close-up of all that delicious sparkle!
and while I was at it, I thought I would make a gift tag while all my fun stuff was still out!
For the tag, I used vintage trimmings, some crystals, and molding paste, and then I spritzed on some Egg Noggin, and then coated with LOTS of Jack Frost Enamelz!!!! Who will get this gift tag on their Christmas gift... hmmmm....I don't know yet!
xx Heidi

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Stac said...

OOOHHHH. . . so pretty!