Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just a dab, will do ya!

Hee... So I had a lot of fun making this card using Shimmerz, crystals and Clear Scraps. Sometimes, all you need is just a tad of Shimmerz to make a BIG impact. In this case, all I needed was a bit of Shimmerz Shimmeringz in Goldie Lox to achieve the overall bubbly effect that I really wanted for this card. 

After using silver mixatives to cover the acrylic shapes that I handcut out, I went over the glasses with Shimmerz Enamelz in areas for a little more texture, creating subtle bubbles within the glasses.

I then dipped my paintbrush into some Goldie Lox and just lightly brushed over areas of the champagne glasses. Then after adding the clear colored crystals from Prima to make the "bubby" inside the glasses, I again dipped my brush into the the Goldie Lox, and dabbed it on. 

After adding my final crystal embellishments to the card, I once again lightly coated some of them with the Shimmeringz. Aaaah, The Shimmerz paint and Emamelz, while used minimally - acheived such an elegant look on this card!!

xx Heidi

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Stac said...

Oooh la la! I love all the sparkle!