Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Paint Splatters" with Jaime Warren

Hi everyone!  Jaime Warren with you today to share a fun and easy way to get a paint splatter look on your projects using Shimmerz products!  It really is super easy and it's my favorite way to use mists!  Here is the layout I created using this technique:

As a funny side note - that huge rip in the right hand corner?  Total accident!  As it turns out, I ended up loving the way it looked so I didn't trash the layout, but, I definitely didn't mean to rip it like that lol!!!  Anyway - back to the matter at hand - splattering mist! 

As I said before, this technique is SO easy.  Swirl the mist in the bottle - don't shake, it will clog the nozzle!  Remove the lid and hang the tube and nozzle over the layout in the area where you wish to splatter the mist.  For large drops let it sit until it drops on its own.  For smaller splatters simply gently tap the nozzle until the mist splatters on the surface.  See?  Easy!  I use this technique on pretty much every layout I create - nothing looks complete to me without it now lol!! 

Here are the Shimmerz products I used on my layout:

Shimmerz in Jilted Jade (I used this to stamp on my background paper)
Coloringz in Pink Stilettos
Coloringz in Lime in da Coconut
Vibez in Pop Art Pink
Spritz in Licorice
Vibez in Vertigre

Have a great one everybody!!
♥ Jaime


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