Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WELCOME Lydell!!!

Great news!!! We get to enjoy Lydell Quin's work twice as much. She is a Shimmerz Ed. Team member and ALWAYS has amazing videos and techniques to share. . . . but now. . . . she is also lending her talents to the Design Team too. WaHooooo!!!

I know you know her gorgeous work. . . but keep reading to learn more about Lydell.

Hi There. My name is Lydell. I am a SAHM who resigned from Teaching to be Mum about 8-1/2 years ago. I have two little ones, growing like weeds. Denver my DS is 8, and Mykenzie, DD is 6. DH-John, (luckily) is very supportive of my habit!!! We live in a lovely little suburb of Adelaide, Australia, and we currently have a dog, a cat, a bird, a lizard and some fish residing with us! I have been scrapbooking and papercrafting for over 8 years now, and love it as much today as I did when I first stumbled across it all those years ago. I am part of the Shimmerz Paints Education Team, Design for Helmar USA, and co-own, run, design palettes and draw sketches for The Color Room.....all of which keeps me very busy. My style? I enjoy really good design, I like linear lines and lining things up but I also love getting my hands dirty using paint and all kinds of messy paint mediums. I love details and I enjoy hand making my embellishments. I love the process. You will always find handwriting on my pages, and I always play with typography. I adore text. I have about 20 years behind me now doing calligraphy, which I don't get to do nearly enough! Well that's me in a nutshell. Look forward to getting to know you! I can be found at MY BLOG.

We are so excited to see more of your talents Lydell.

WELCOME to the Shimmerz DT!!!

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Lydell said...

Thanks so much Stacey! I am looking forward to working with all these talented ladies!!!!