Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Splatters and faux cup rings with Shimmerz......

Hello.....(Waving from Australia)
I have a page today to share, which was actually done a little while ago, and for a Color Room Palette- but has some very easy and cool techniques to dress up a plain background.

 I simply used the colour as it was intended and spritzed the background aiming for droplets and drips as well as some colour coverage.  You just do this by pressing the sprayer part way down....it tends to splatter a little more this way.....lovely!!!!  I then shake the nozzle towards my page, and the droplets that dribbled out (with the partial press) splat very nicely on my page.  I used Shimmerz Vibez in Hot Fudge.

I also had a pretty piece of lace which was white.  I re-coloured it by painting it with Shimmerz Pearlz in Blue By U.  It works perfectly and means you can recolour any light coloured fabric trim with Shimmerz Paints using either the sprays or the paint pots.
I sprayed my flowers with several Shimmerz Paints, including Shimmerz Vibez in Rollong in the Hay and Shimmerz Spritz in Chick a dee, amongst some others.....I just kept spraying and drying until I got the color I needed!
You cant see so well, as the prints are partially covered with the title and flowers, but I also added some faux coffee rings to my background.  I sprayed a little of the same colour onto my craft sheet, and dipped the end of a toilet roll in the paint, then stamped and slightly twisted the toilet roll giving the best print I could get!  I love coffee ring stains (BUT definately not on my table!!!!)

Hope you will try dressing up your own simple yet 'artsy' background with Shimmerz Paints soon!!!!
Thanks for dropping by.....


Pocono Pam said...

Very pretty LO!! Great technique! TFS!

Stac said...

Such an adorable page!!! Too cute!

Christie Bryant said...

So, so cute!