Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What can't you do with Shimmerz?

So the last few months I have been
absolutely obsessed with journaling. Whenever I have a spare minute I can't wait to get back to my pages.

The backgrounds when you are journalling are always a challenge. How can you create a background that looks great enough on its own but even better once you've added the bits and collaged pieces for your journal.

For these pages though, I was as eager to create the backgrounds as I was the journal pages. Somehow these shimmerz paints just fit perfectly with my journalling style. The colors are intense yet somehow still subtle enough to be backgrounds.

Look at all the great layouts I created inspired entirely by the shimmerz backgrounds!!
See the cracle like finish on the page above - that was done with a stamp over the shimmer!

I love this page - painted on shimmerz in rough uneven strokes, some rub-on brocade right over the shimmerz, a scrap of printed paper and another shot of shimmerz spritz on top and voila!

I don't think my picture here quite captured the sheen on this page - but this green was so beautiful and the sheen so soft that I left the page almost blank with color

I think this is one of my absolute favorites above - look at the depth of the color in that blue - spritz,dab,stroke - spritz,dab,stroke - repeat.

Lots of layers of shimmerz here covered over with text and stamping and paper!!

Pure shots of color = these vivid colors on this spread just rang out to me - I didn't even want to add any more detail - (I eventually did and I'll show you the progress in another post! lol lol)

I have several journals going at the same time - paris themed, antiqued theme, gallery themed etc etc. I'll be back later this month to share even more.

In the meantime happy journaling!!



La bottega di Melany said...

very interesting. I love journaling. And i find shimmerz colors really versatile, too.
Your pages are really beautiful. But i'm little curious when i see aj pages. I always ask what people do with aj, do you write on it such like a diary? Or do you keep empty just like a drawing book? Sorry if my english is not perfect. Happy journaling to you

Margie said...

Gorgeous work on this site. So happy you are a part of it my friend!

Stac said...

Cathy- your work is so bright and colorful. It inspires me to grab my Shimmerz and start creating. Gorgeous work! So happy to have you on this team!

Heidi Kelley said...

Wow. Wow. Wow!!! This is so inspiring and gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the nice comment
To Melanie, I get aksed that a lot - at this point I just use them as books of artwork - I do not yet journal in them but I do plan on doing some that have more room to journal.

dkshopgirl said...

absolutely gorgeous!!!!! love your pages :-)