Friday, May 13, 2011

Coloringz on the bag!

Hi Ladies, are you Ok? I 'm fine, and since I know the Coloringz my life is full of colors.

Every piece from your everyday life can turns into a piece of art: this time I altered a small white unused hand-bag into an explosion of colors!

It takes only a few splashes of Coloringz, stamps  and stencils with white gesso et voila', a new fashionable, vibrant and original hand-bag is done!

Products used:

Coloringz: Lime in da Coconut, Mama Sings the Blues, Mamdarin Mai Tai, Anchors Away, No Yking, Pink Stiletto and Valentino.

Have a great day with creativity!



Gio said...

I'd love to use a bag like this everyday! Brava!

Stac said...

I am CRAZY about this bag! What a FABULOUS idea and end result. It's GORGEOUS!! Love, love, love it!!!

Christie Bryant said...

Wow! This is an amazing idea!