Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New shadow-box for my Shimmerz jars.

Few days ago, a dear friend gave me a large shadow-box and I decided to give it a new look with the help of Shimmerz products.

First I have covered it with a layer of white gesso, then I have taken the Coloringz and I turned the shadow-box, simply and quickly, in a harmony of bright colors.
I added a few embellishments and I use few rubber stamps: now I have a new faboulous location for all my Shimmerz jars.
Shimmerz are pre-mixed, highly iridescent waterbased paints.They are non-toxic, quick drying and will stick to nearly any surface, even glossy or non-porous surfaces like acetate or metal.
Blingz are just like Shimmerz only Their sparkle is much more intense and their consistency is thicker.
Pearlz are creamy, luxurious and pearlescent, waterbased paints that are more opaque than Shimmerz or Blingz.

Products used:

Coloringz: Lime in da Coconut, No Yoking, Pink Stiletto, Mon Shari, Mama Sings the Blues, My bleeding Heart and Mandarin Mai Tai.

Have a great day with creativity!



Felicitas said...

great way to store. tfs

Felicitas from germany

Christie Bryant said...

This is fabulous!

Gio said...

Great way to tidy all the Shimmerz, in a such a colourful and original shadow-box! Brava!

Heidi said...

ROBERTA!!! This is BRILLIANT! And gorgeous too!

Stac said...

Super-duper project Roberta! It's such a bright happy way to store your Shimmerz. LOVE IT!!!

Lori Renn said...

So so cool! I need to do this!!

Lydell said...

Oh goodness what an inspiring project. How would you ever stay away from your paints seeing them like this everyday!!!!!

Siri Fjørtoft, kaBoks said...

I love this! I wonder how I can recreate it for my studo, because the drawer I have just does not work. I have all the products from Shimmerz Paints. My Spritz, Vibez, Coloringz and Shimmeringz are taking up 2 meters of shelves... Now I need to get the pains out of that drawer so that I can see them!