Friday, March 25, 2011

*Dapper & Dashing*

I can't get ENOUGH of Shimmerz Coloringz. I keep trying different things
with them...they are SO fun, so vibrant, so vivid! The color is AMAZING.

Then mixing them with Shimmerz Shimmeringz - wow, the effect is simply beautiful!

Today I made this layout of my "dapper & dashing" son:

(I may be a TAD bit biased...)
(photography by Andie Smith  @ eight18photography)

using some bubble wrap with Shimmerz Coloringz.
I simply sprayed the bubble wrap, saturating it with Anchors Away,
then immediately placing it on my layout in a long strip, as well as the lower left
of my cardstock:

After drying with a heat gun, I used Goldie Lox Shimmeringz all over the cardstock.
Next I sprayed star chipboard with Anchors Away & My Bleeding Heart Coloringz.
Then I used my heat gun to dry them, sprayed Goldie Lox on them, then adhered them to my layout.
Finally, I took the sprayers out of the bottles of Anchors Away, My Bleeding Heart &
Mama Sings The Blues & shook them over my layout in different places.

love how this turned out.
have fun experimenting with your Shimmerz...I sure did!

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Felicitas said...

fantastic layout. i love the bubble wrap foil :) are there some scrapbook shops in germany who carry your great products?

greetings from germany