Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be my Valentine! :)

I LOVE just makes me smile! I love Pink and hearts and convenient that this is my my Birthday Month right? ;)

Every year, I have loved making Valentine's with my children. My youngest daughter Olivia is now the only one that still does this for her classmates in I am treasuring every moment of it. We made Valentines using tissue paper and some scallop and round punches. We sprayed the tissue with 3 different colors. We used Shimmerz Spritz Ruby and Plum Pudding. We also used Shimmerz Vibez Jeni B Bleu. When they were all dry, it was time to assembler our blossoms. We used a hole piercer and stacked 3 of the tissues together and pierced through them all at once. Olivia put the sucker (dum dum) through them and I tied a ribbon around them. Once they were all complete, we put them in a vase. :)

Won't these be fun to hand out to her friends on Valentine's Day?

Thank you so much for looking! I hope this shed a little fun idea to do with your little one's too.

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Christie Bryant said...

Such a cute idea! I love how happy your daughter looks with her finished product! So fun!