Monday, January 31, 2011

My Prom Date

Not every woman can say that she went to the prom
with her husband,
but I can!
Of course, he wasn't my husband back then.
He was a shy eleventh grade boy
who summoned the courage to ask me to the prom,
and I'm glad he did,
because the rest is history.

Aside from our prom photo,
this is the only photo I have of him on prom night,
when we wandered through the aisles of a grocery store
in our dressy attire, craving junk food.

To create the layout,
I covered the background paper with layers of Shimmerz Vibez
in Pop Art Pink and Fiery Fiesta
and Shimmerz Spritz in Treasured Hymn.
I then stamped a bunch of "couples" over the background.

The shiny, glimmery background 
definitely takes me back to junior prom! 

I also cut out a few hearts from cardstock
and misted over them,
and then journaled over the negative space.
The resulting shimmery hearts were also put to good use:

I've been wanting to scrap this photo for years,
and with Shimmerz in hand,
I'm so glad I finally did!

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Stac said...

What a fun memory and a fun page!