Friday, January 14, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Hello everyone!   I have a layout to share today . . .

I used Pop Art Pink Vibez and Caribbean Sunset and Mango Madness Spritz on white Prima flowers.  I used Coal Shimmerz on a vintage crocheted doily.

These pictures are near and dear to my heart.  They are photos of my stepfather with my daughter when she was two-years old (she's now 8).  They liked to play "Monkey See, Monkey Do."  My stepfather would walk with his arms folded and then my daughter would copy him and walk with her arms folded.  He'd move his hands behind his back and she'd move her arms behind her back, and so on and so on (you get the picture).  My daughter always kept a straight face, but the rest of us would crack up every time she copied his actions.

My mom and stepfather loved these two pictures, so they framed them and proudly hung them on their living room wall where they've been displayed for the past 6+ years.

Sadly, my stepfather passed away a couple months ago.  We all miss him terribly.  As a gift to my mom, I made this layout for her and put it in a shadow box frame to go on the wall.

-Stacy Cohen

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Stac said...

What a super sweet LO! I love the colors and the sentiment behind the LO. Thanks Stacy!