Saturday, November 6, 2010

Say What?

I woke up this morning
and felt really strange.
My clothes were too clean.
My fingers were skin-toned.
My desk was too organized.
The solution? SHIMMERZ!
Now my clothes are spotted with paint,
my fingers are blue and yellow,
and my desk is a scrappy mess.
All is right with the world again!

To create the background,
I sprayed Shimmerz Vibez
(Vertigre, Rolling in the Hay, and Jeni B Bleu)
over the cardstock,
where I had arranged some chipboard letters and a question mark.
I removed and repositioned the chipboard a few times,
creating some variety in color and placement.
I outlined the word "WHAT" and filled it in using
Shimmerz paints, including Mello Yello and Blue By U.

Enjoy your weekend!


Beth said...

such a fun and cool layout! I love blues and green together!

Jocelyn said...

Just beautiful!!!! LOVE the colors!!!

Karen Wilson said...

Awesome layout!

Christie Bryant said...

Fabulous! Love, love, love this layout!

Stac said...

Very, very cool!

Taj White said...

this is so funky fresh i love it!!

Roberta said...

Love all the texture, this is so pretty!