Sunday, October 24, 2010

Deck the Walls

Around here, Halloween is a big deal.
My daughter puts more thought into her Halloween costume
than she does for the whole of all of her outfit choices for the year.
My husband, always a practical joker,
stocks up on motion-activated spiders,
glowing goo, and do-it-yourself headstones.
He came home from his shopping excursion a few weeks ago,
bags brimming with Halloween mischief,
and eagerly announced, "I even got you something."
That something was a pair of clip-on devil's horns,
which my dear husband bought for me,
thinking that I'd be thrilled to wear them in front of my students.
Did I mention that I teach at a Catholic school?

And what's my take on Halloween?
I'm mostly just amused at watching my family go crazy
(well, crazier than usual),
but this year, even I made a contribution
to the household Halloween hype,
with some help from Shimmerz.
I used Shimmerz Vibez, Shimmerz Spritz, and Shimmerz Pearlz
to dress up the Halloween garland that I created for our living room walls.
Assembling the garland was simple.
I cut a bunch of circles from Halloween-themed papers,
and outfitted them with some shimmery colors, sparkle, and shine.
When they dried, I fed them one by one
into my sewing machine, leaving a little space between each one.
Then it was time to deck the walls for Halloween.
Not only does the garland add a Halloween-y festiveness to the household,
it also earns the approval of my wonderfully freaky family.


carrie said...

oh gosh, i LOVE this fabulous garland!!!

Stac said...

Holy Smokin' Rockets!!! How cool are you!? I'm so lovin this idea. AWESOME!!!!

Roberta said...

What a fantastic idea!!!!!! This is gorgeous!!

Christie Bryant said...

This is fantastic!

Beth said...

FUN and funny story and GORGEOUSLY cool banner!