Friday, September 24, 2010

Bouy Papa, BOUY!!!

Any big plans for the weekend?

journaling: after gpa told you about the bouys, you had to point every one out and yell, "bouy, papa, BOUY!"

So, this Sass paper is already full of funness! (word? lol) So, just adding a little bit of Shimmerz spritz makes it look like there is ALL KINDS of layers! (also with the help of a few pop dots) 

I used a mix of Tuscan Sun, Red-y or Not and Sea Monkey. 
You know what I REALLY love about the spritz?? I only use a couple of spritz and I get the coverage I need. If anyone has seen my previous work, you know that I have been a mister for a while. I have always used other mists and Shimmerz has BETTER coverage. You know what that means?? It saves you money. 
I love that!!!
What do you love best about Shimmerz?


jessica_haley555 said...

Super cute layout for an even cuter photo!

Roberta said...

So wonderful! Great photo!

Stac said...

What a fun page! Great job.