Sunday, August 29, 2010

She Dreamt

I ran across an old photo of my Zoe girl from several years ago. She was really into the fairy thing from the ages of 3-6 and I swear must have been a fairy every year for Halloween. Her Auntie Jeannie had sent her this adorable Tinkerbell costume as a surprise one year for her birthday. And that costume got a ton of use and was SO much fun for using in photoshoots.
I paired the Tinkerbell costume with our new Pearlz colors: Peas B Mine, Blue By You and Luscious Lilac.
Here I created a tissue flower by using some of my left over tissue from a party bag and painting the tops with the Luscious Lilac Pearlz. A quick smear of Peas Be Mine connects the colors in the page. And check out the SHIMMER on those PEARLZ! See all that sparkle!
Here I summoned the spirit of one of my all time favorite painters and quirky men: Bob Ross
Bob likes to use two different colors on his paint brushes and loads one color on each side, I did the same here and you get this great blend of colors. From turquoise to green and then a beautiful mix of both. Once again, check out that Shimmer!!!
And my finished product ends up like this! Smears of paint, acting as anchors for my whole page, with little stamps of luscious lilac connecting the dots. Sometimes using Shimmerz paints can be just as simple as going back to the basics, making friends with your paint brush again and letting it do all the work!


BabyBokChoy said...

Utterly fabulous!!! love love love it.

Christie Bryant said...

So, so sweet!

Stacy Cohen said...

This is gorgeous!!! I love the colors!

Carrie said...

Dena, this is absolutely gorgeous!!! Sweet, sweet, sweet!~

Stac said...

Sweet face. . . sweet LO. Another favorite!!!

Roberta said...

Love this project, so wonderful!!