Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CHA Release Special Promotion!

Ahhhhh CHA week. One of the best weeks in the biz. New products, a sea of colors...yep, life is good. We are so excited about our new CHA Summer Release that we want to share that excitement with you.
We have a little something up our sleeves in the form of a CHA Week PROMOTION!

For this week, Tuesday through Friday ONLY,
Purchase: pop art pink vibez, fiery fiesta vibez, peas-b-mine pearlz and luscious lavendar pearlz...you will receive our HOT NEW color BLUE- BY-YOU for FREE. You must purchase all of the aforementioned colors in one order to receive discount.

Head on over to our Shimmerz Retail Shop to take advantage of this shopping opportunity!

1 comment:

Taj White said...

that is an awesome deal!!