Monday, November 16, 2009

Warmest Wishes

It may only be the middle of November but I feel like the holidays are going to be here before we know it. So, with the holidays coming up, that means it's time to start to make my holiday cards. I love being able to make something special for those who are very near and dear to me, because I know it's something that they will cherish and something that they will keep versus throwing it away. I have already started to make my holiday cards, and one that I made I did with using my Shimmerz paints.
This was such a fun card to make and with so many techniques used with it as well. I wanted the color of the letter stickers to be closer to the colors in the card I chose, so I went ahead and colored it in with some of my Shimmerz Periwinkle which toned down the stark white and then I embossed them with clear embossing powder. For the stamped lamp post, I went ahead and colored in the flame with yellow watercolor crayons, let that dry and then went on top of that with my Shimmerz Opal and gave dimension to flame with Dimensional Glaze.

You can give old stickers new life by adding Shimmerz paints to them. For example, I gave the little snow lady some extra shine with my Shimmerz Paints by using Shimmerz Sunflower for the star, Shimmerz December Sky Blingz for the scarf and Shimmerz Angel Wings for the face.

I punched out some snowflakes from blue card stock, and spritzed the blue card stock snowflakes with my Baby's Breath Shimmerz Spritz, which gives them more of an "icy" feeling.

The finished product is fun and such a delightful little card that will be given away.

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Danielle said...

Such an adorable card :) I am already in the mood for the holidays, and thinking about putting out the decorations!!

Stac said...

Ho-ho-ho! What a cute way to bring in the holidays.