Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Warm Holiday Shimmerz!

First of all, please forgive my not-so-perfect pictures! I had a not-so-good time with my camera, the lighting, the angle and the photo editing program!

We built our first fire of the winter in the fireplace just this past weekend and it felt so warm and cozy and it inspired this card! As easy as it is to just turn up the thermostat, nothing feels as good as wood heat!

The sentiment and main image come from the Lizzie Anne Designs – Rockin-Holiday stamp set, and was colored with Prismacolor pencils and odorless mineral spirits.

I used Angel Wings Shimmerz for the Angel (of course!) and a combination of Pumpkin and Sunflower Shimmerz for the fire. I also painted the white Prima flower with Angel Wings and I used a dark red craft ink for the red flower, then painted Angel Wings Shimmerz over it once it dried.

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season and try to stay warm (or dry if you are on the Oregon Coast!!)!



Etha said...

the shimmerz on the fire are incredible! looks very cool!
I joined the yahoo group, is it moderated or is your spam box full? nothing goes through.
I will ask my question here then: my shimmerz paints completely separate into the color with shimmer on the bottom and clear liquid on the top, is this normal? It takes a LOT of shaking to get it suspended again, just wondering.

FireCracker082 said...

I notice that that normal?lol
I just assumed it was, since they all seem to do it...