Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wild Caught

I was attracted to the dark murky dusty colors with subtle hints of cream, and peachy/coral colors illuminated by the light.  Desperately wanting to create with this photo, I quickly took inventory of my Shimmerz Paints inventory, and “voila.”  I had all the colors I needed to create an art journal entry entitled, “Wild Caught.” 

Here’s how I created a paper swimming hole for my dear mermaid who appears to be young, and fortunately for me inexperienced about such matters as getting caught by a hungry creative soul like myself. 

Book Pages:

White gesso over portions of book pages.
Clear gesso over the white gesso so that the mist colors won’t be resisted by the white gesso.
Stamp, using water resist ink, and emboss over various areas of the paper.
Spray a light mist of water over the book pages to help absorb the following Shimmer Paints:
Shimmeringz – Heavy Metal
Vibez – Deep Blue Sea
Sptiz –Olive Branch

Paper Clay Starfish:  I hand cut this starfish out of paper clay to use as an embellishment and applied some Shimmerz Peachy Keen, Taupe of the Morning, and Deep Blue Sea. 

Chipboard embellishments were posted in an earlier post of mine with all the details. You may find details here.

She’s such a pretty mermaid….I may have to set her free.

I hope I have inspired you to create something whimsical in your art using Shimmerz Paint Products.


Mona_63 said...

Absolutely wonderful!!!

Melissa Larson said...

Amazing artistry!!! Love the colors, image, textures, and image. Very magical and inspiring!!

Paper Attic said...

Breathtaking work, love how intricate her tail is, beautiful colors too, just gorgeous xoxox

fairyrocks said...

Enchanting, takes one to another time when anything was possible. So clever with the photo! Your careful attention to detail is inspiring. Love the shimmers! I would frame this one before it gets away! Keep smiling and creating